Salman Khan should say sorry for rape remark, Rishi Kapoor

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor felt that Salman Khan should apologize for his ‘raped woman’ remark which created nationwide uproar. Rishi, who always expresses his feeling on an issue on social media, reacted to Salman Khan’s recent controversy.

Expressing his opinion on the issue, Rishi accepted that Salman 'didnt mean it' the way it's being presented. He said, "There are times when you’re narrating something in our local language. Main maantaa hoon galat baat hai. you say sometimes 'I’m raped yaar'. You say you’re spaced out, it doesn’t mean you’ve gone to space. You say you’re screwed, doesn’t mean you’re screwed. You don’t mean it. Analogy boliye ya similie, jo de raha thha, he didn’t mean it."

But Rishi Kapoor also feels that Salman should apologise for his remark. The National Commission for Women has asked apology from the superstar but he hasn't apologised yet. Rishi feels he should do that now.

"It was improper and at the wrong time also... if he’s done something that has hurt people, then he should say sorry. Why would he not? If sometimes you hurt somebody’s sentiments, you say sorry. There’s nothing wrong with that. Aapne galti ki hai, toh qubool maang li jiye," Kapoor told.

Bollywood divided into two over Salman Khan's 'rape remark'. Some highly condemned the actor while some backed him.