Salman Khan set to exhibit 20 of his paintings

Everybody is now well aware of Salman’s secret hobby, painting. The actor’s close friends and family are the only one’s so far who have had the privilege to glimpse some of his paintings as Sallu is very shy about showing off his paintings to the world. Well now it seems his fans have a treat in store as he is all set to have an exhibition with 20 of his personal paintings on display. The actor will supposedly donate the money that he gets for his paintings to charity.
Salman loves to paint but is extremely secretive about it and likes to keep his art private. But a few of his close friends claim that Salman paints quite well and often does several religious themes as well as portraits. Salman’s father, Salim Khan says “He is genuinely talented, but someone has to push him to talk about it.” Salman has gifted several of his paintings for various charitable causes, recently he donated a few of his paintings to an NGO headed by Ramola Bachchan which were exhibited and the money was utilized by the organization. Salman paints as a hobby and not as a professional means as he does not need the money. But he loves to help out needy kids and senior citizens and hence he has decided to use the money that he gets for his paintings at the exhibition for charity.

Salman is keen to evolve his style of painting and hence he is also taking help in the technique of painting from a family friend. Salman though is still shy about displaying his paintings, and though some adorn his parent’s home, he keeps most of them away from prying eyes. Apparently Salman gets his talent from his extremely talented mother Salma who is a great painter. Salman has gifted many of his friends in the film industry his paintings. After much persuasion Sallu has finally agreed to have an official exhibition of his paintings, so now his fans can own an original Salman classic, what say Salman?