Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt fight at Manyata's b' bash

Salman Khan throws tantrums at Sanjay Dutt at Manyata Dutt’s birthday bash which led to a bitter argument between the two. They engrossed in a ugly spat. It all started with Sanju Baba’s best buddy Bunty Walia when Sallu miya passéd some impulsive comments to Bunty. But after Bunty left, the actor got into argument with Sanjay.

Narrating what went wrong between the two old friends, an eyewitness, said, “The fight between Sanju`s best buddy Bunty Walia and Salman has been reported, but few know that after Bunty left, Dutt and Khan too got into an argument. It started when Khan told the host that he should`ve acted as his father in `Bodyguard`, as his career as a lead actor was over.”

Salman’s insulting joke did not take casually by Sanjay.

“Everyone knows that `Bodyguard` is complete and that the father`s role has been played by Jackie Shroff, so Salman was joking around. But Dutt didn`t take kindly to this suggestion, as he is only a few years older than Salman. So he retorted that if he was desperately looking for someone to play his father, he should ask his own dad to do the role," the source added.

As reported Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are co-hosting Bigg Boss 5 and when they met at the promo of the show, Salman clarified the stance to Sanjay.