Salman Khan’s press conference in New Jersey

Salman Khan is the undoubted star of the ‘Rockstars’ concert. Earlier when Salman was imprisoned there were rumours that the show would be cancelled, however due to his subsequent bail, the show carried on as planned and all his fans were able to enjoy his shows across the globe. The ‘Rockstars’ group consists of several fresh and young actors like Zayed Khan, Esha Deol, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur and Mallika Sherawat along with Salman. However fans were looking forward to see the star of the show, Salman perform. Salman also attended a press conference in New Jersey on 28 April to assure his fans that he would be performing in the United States and that he had got all the required visas and that he was not going to be deported. This is the first time after his stint in jail, that Salman has attended a press conference and addressed the media and all their queries.
Salman attended the press conference on 28 April at Mirage Banquet Hall, Edison, New Jersey. Salman seemed relaxed and in a playful mood, he sported casual jeans and a black fitting T shirt along with a sleeveless shirt. He playfully ribbed media persons and also answered questions on several serious issues surrounding the controversies about himself. Salman spoke about his conviction of five years in the poaching case of a black buck, about how fearful the aspect of life in prison was for him. However he also said that being a celebrity, he was a soft target to be made a scapegoat and that a lot of politics was involved in his conviction. Salman spoke about his ‘Rockstars’ concert, he claimed that the entire package was extremely good, the lighting, the stage set up, the newcomers enthusiasm and the most important was the love and energy from their fans.

Salman spoke about his Hollywood project Marigold, he also highlighted the different working styles in bollywood and Hollywood. He claimed that in Hollywood there were huge contracts and everything was carried out by the book, while in bollywood a lot of things were flexible based on the actor’s rapport with the producers and directors. Salman also spoke on how he tried to stay fit at all times, and that cycling on the streets was one way that he kept fit. He did not elaborate much on his relationship with Katrina, but merely stated that they were friends. When quizzed about his personal life Salman said “Apparently the unluckier you are in love, the luckier you are.” Salman Khan spoke of how he selects a film, he said “I should like the people I’m working with enough to spend so many days shooting around them and also the script of the film should be good.”

When asked about ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai’s performance as an actress, Salman merely said she looked good and she was a good actress. Salman spoke of his fans support and appreciation for them during his recent crisis in Jodhpur. Salman also claimed that he liked to do comedy films as he liked to make people laugh. He also felt that he was fortunate to have so many different kinds of fans, especially the youth of today. Salman did not elaborate on all the social work and charity that he has done, but he merely mentioned that it was something he liked doing. Salman will be seen singing as part of the ‘Rockstars’ concert in portions of his performance, he has maximum time with Kareena Kapoor on stage, however he would also like to perform equally with the hot Mallika Sherawat.

On bollywood’s nexus with the underworld Salman says “Most of the talk about bollywood films being financed by the underworld is not true. We as actors are polite to them like everybody else as they are our fans too, but we definitely stand up and draw the line when we have to.” Salman Khan ended the press conference with a message to his fans, he said “It has been amazing, the support they have given me this time, the love and respect. I don’t know if I can ever repay that, but my message is that I’m going to try my best so that next time they won’t have to worry so much or pray that hard for me. I will make sure that they concentrate on their lives, their families and their loved ones and not me.” Salman also promised that for the ‘Rockstars’ concert they would definitely give a performance that was slightly more than their fans expectations.

Salman Khan has performed at UK and cities like Houston, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington in America. They will also be performing in Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco, Calgary, Dallas, Orlando, Amsterdam, Birmingham and finally London. This is definitely going to be one rocking performance.