Salman Khan returns 1.5 cr for Arbaaz’s sake

Salman Khan who is said to be unprofessional has showed that he is very particular about his work and won’t like to bring loss to anyone for his own sake. He has retuned Rs 1.5 cr that he was offered for a single performance at the wedding reception of Videocon owner Venugopal Dhoot's brother Pradeep Dhoot's son Saurabh for his brother Arbaaz Khan’s sake.

The date of his performance collided with an important action sequence of Arbaaz’s film ‘Dabanng’ in Wai and Sallu without looking at the financial loss returned the money. Salman Khan has already delayed the shooting for some cause and now he does not want to slow down the shooting anymore. Action director Vijayan has flown all the way from south to direct the action scene. Confirming the news, a source said, “A major action scene was to be shot with South action director Vijayan, who`d flown down with his stuntmen and Salman did not want to keep them waiting and waste a day of shooting.”

Talking about the wedding reception that Sallu cancelled, a source said, “Salman spoke to them and explained that he could not perform and sent back the 1.5 crore that he`d been given to perform at the function."

After few debacles, Sallu miya has started taking his work very seriously.