Salman Khan praises SRK in Bigg Boss 6

The entire nation knows about the rivalry between Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. These two have been rivals behind the camera, but in front of the audience they are all in praise for each other. This is what happened recently, when Salman Khan opened up his feelings about Shahrukh when he lost his temper. This happened in a recent episode of Bigg Boss season 6, a show on Colors Channel, hosted by Salman Khan. The show was aired on Saturday and saw how the superstar lost his calm due to an argument raised by a participant. In his anger, he praised Shahrukh and his hard work and also commented about the huge fan following that he has.

 It so happened, that Imam Siddique, a participant of Bigg Boss season 6 claimed himself to be a casting director. Imam Siddique is a well known anchor, designer and casting director. He fell out on an argument with Salman Khan. Since, it was a ‘Special Nomination Episode’ of the show, Salman asked Imam to nominate two contestants for eviction. When Imam took the name of a fellow housemate Niketan, Salman reminded him that since Niketan is the captain of the house for that week, Imam may not nominate him for vote-out.

 Salman asked him to change his decision, nut Imam stood firmly by his point arrogantly and illogically arguing that he knows what the Indian audience wants. He kept on putting forward silly remarks in order to defend himself. When Salman mocked Imam regarding this issue, Imam vehemently proclaimed that he had once casted Preity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan in an ad film for a shampoo. That had worked out very well with the audience. He has made Shahrukh Khan what he is today as he knows the demands of the audience.

 Furthermore, when Salman Khan tried to interrupt Imam to put forward his point of view, Imam cut him short by saying ‘Time-Out’ continuously. This made Salman lose his patience. He reminded Imam to watch his mouth and after that went on to proclaim the fact that it is not Imam who has made Shahrukh Khan the star he is today. It is Shahrukh’s hard work, sincerity, and the love of his fans which has made him the star. Shahrukh did not become a star because Imam promoted him in an ad film for a shampoo.

 Thus, it seems that the ice has been broken finally as the two stars seem to be friends with each other.