Salman Khan irks social activist

Salman Khan is known to posses a heart of gold. He always comes forward to help the poor. Known for his generosity, Salman Khan is always there for the destitute and for any social cause. But recently he showed a very negative image of him by not attending the Indian Super Queen, a beauty pageant for Hijra community. He was the special guests of the event and by not attending the function; he has broken the heats of many.

Salman Khan has broken the promise given to Hijra guru and social activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi. Fumed Tripathi remarked, “I don’t understand why celebrities have to make false promises when they don’t mean a word. It’s disheartening to know- celebrities find ‘cycling race’ more important than something which is so socially relevant.” Laxmi referred to the cycling race because Salman Khan was once present at the cycling race.

Whereas beautiful Zeenat Aman‘s presence brought grace to the event.  She said that she couldn’t refuse Laxmi to be one of the jury members in such a historical and socially relevant occasion.