Salman Khan irked with Aditya Chopra’s demand raises his fee

Salman Khan is known to work with producers and directors that he is fond of and often due to personal friendships. Yash Raj films is one of the biggest production houses in the industry and has had several super hit films to their credit over the years. Both Shahrukh and Aamir have worked with Yash Raj films and it is a well known fact that any actor or actress would give his right arm to work with them. There have always been several different rumours regarding Salman Khan working with the Chopras. In fact it was said that several times Sallu turned down the Chopra’s film offers. However recently Salman finally agreed to do a film with Aditya Chopra, but it seems that this time too there were several glitches, one of them being Salman’s remuneration.
Director Kunal Kohli is working on his script and also looking for the right cast for his next film. Kunal has worked with Saif Ali Khan before and hence wanted Saif as his hero this time round too. Unfortunately Kohli’s producer, Aditya Chopra was not very happy to rope in Saif as the hero of the film, so instead he asked Kohli to approach the unpredictable Salman Khan for the role. Kohli apprehensively approached Salman for the role and was pleasantly surprised when Salman agreed to do the film. In fact Salman was so excited about doing the film that he even offered to slash his rate for the film. Naturally Kunal was very happy with the outcome and immediately reported Salman’s acceptance and the added bonus of him slashing his price to Aditya. But Aditya is a hard nosed businessman and perhaps thought that with Salman’s recent spate of flops he could bargain for even lesser.

Aditya sent the reluctant Kunal back for a further discount on Salman’s fee. But though Salman Khan is extremely generous with his friends and family, he is certainly no fool and immediately realized that Aditya Chopra was trying to take advantage of his generous nature. So when Kunal asked Salman for a further discount this time, the cheeky Salman upped his price by a crore more instead of reducing it. Well that should teach the hardcore businessman Aditya a lesson or two. And three cheers to Salman for standing his ground and maintaining his dignity and pride.