Salman Khan invites rival SRK to Bigg Boss 7

Salman Khan has invited his arch rival Shahrukh Khan to Big Boss 7. He said that if Shahrukh Khan wants to come to Bigg Boss to promote his film then he is most welcome.

"Of course, he can come. If he is promoting his next film, he is more than welcome," Salman said at the launch of the show.

The two actors who were avoiding each other for five years broke the ice when they hugged each other during an Iftaar party.  Speaking about the hug, Salman said that hugging Shahrukh was the natural thing to do.

"I feel that it was Ramadan time...This gesture should be done by everyone. It is a good thing to shake hands and hug," he said.

When Salman Khan hugged his thick rival at politician Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party this year, it became a national news. The much publicized hug considered as the beginning of the end of five years old rivalry.

The TV footage showed Salman Khan embarrassed Shahrukh Khan.  They patched up after five years. Though over the years, many actors and close pals of SRK and Sallu tried to play peacemakers between the two, at last Baba Siddique made the impossible possible.

"Salman and Shah Rukh are my childhood friends. They themselves met each other," said Mr Siddique. "

Nobody made any attempt to bring the two stars together.  Things happened at the hype of the moment.  In a very auspicious occasion of Iftar, both the stars hug and make-up.

Finally u realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, becos there is so much more to the book than the page u were stuck on," Shah Rukh tweeted this morning.

Salman further added that if he has to compete with Shahrukh then he will do through his work.

"If we have to hit at each other, we will do so through our work. Aamir is also coming (with his film now) and there is Ranbir too," he said.

Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss for the fourth time in the row. Bigg Boss Season 7 will be aired September 15 and this time there’s going to be double maaza as the contestants and audience will get to experience both hell and heaven