Salman Khan in legal trouble again

Salman Khan is in the news for his next release “Dabangg 2”, however, something else also has brewed against him.

He is in trouble again because of his hit-and-run case on September 28th, in the year 2002. A magistrate court of Mumbai has beckoned the Bandra police and Salman Khan due to a petition filed by a social worker who is Mumbai-based. The petition claims that fabricated evidence had been submitted regarding the hit-and-run case. The case had been registered on the statement of Ravindra Patil who was Salman’s bodyguard. He had first stated that Salman was driving impulsively but later said he was drunk.

They are to appear before the court on December 27th around 11 am. The court has declared that their presence is extremely important on the said date, “to show cause, if any, why the said application should not be granted.”

The petition has been filed by a social worker named Santosh Daundkar through advocate Abha Singh. He claims that due to fake evidence this case has got postponed by nearly four to five years. A fragment in the petition reads, “During the intervening period, the accused Salman Khan assimilated an enormous pecuniary benefit where he conducted his roaring business in films.”

Particular instances have been mentioned in favor of the credibility of this petition. It has been stated in the application that there have been certain doctors who were not connected to this case, called in as witnesses to the court to benefit Salman. The application reads, “The doctors were made to give favorable testimony. The police could never be so naive so as to not know as to who were the actual doctors who had examined the injured persons in the matter.” He also suspected that the actual doctor was produced in court after two years of producing two false doctors.

Abha Singh recently addressed the media on this matter. She said that the other drunken driving cases of Alistair Pereira and Nooriya Haveliwala had been decided speedily.  She said, “The punishment for giving false evidence can be up to seven years. When Indian masses are crazy for film stars they have to be responsible towards them and be good role models. Our main petition is that nobody is above the law.”

The petition thus has been filed to plead to the court to take notice of the very many offences that Salman Khan has conducted regarding this case and also to mete out enquiry in this matter.