Salman Khan had no driving license during the hit-and-run incident

Salman Khan’s court cases seem to be having no end. The hit-and-run case involving Salman has taken a new turn now. On Tuesday, the sessions court got a report of old statements. This is based on the statements of an RTO inspector and has revealed that Salman had no driving license when the hit-and –run incident took place.

The RTO inspector shall be produced as a witness before the court. The police are not ready to reveal any more details. Rajendra Kane, inspector at Bandra police station, told the media, “We recorded the RTO officer's statement, but we don't want to discuss the details at this stage.”  Rajendra Kane is currently handling this case.

The incident in question had occurred on 28th September 2002. Salman ran his car into a bakery located in Mumbai. As a result of his negligent driving, three people were injured and one person lost his life. Though charges of murder were laid against Salman, they were later dropped. It was on 24th July 2013 that he was formally charged.

In April last year, a witness had appeared before the court and had clearly narrated what took place on that particular night. The man was a tea stall owner called Sambha Kapada Gauda. He had stated, “When I reached to the spot I saw the men sleeping on the pavement were crushed beneath Salman’s car. Car’s bumper and glass were broken while blood was ubiquitous on it and on the pavement.”

Dr Shashikant Pawar was the one who carried out Salman’s medical examination after the incident. The statements of the doctor have been creating quite the news since January this year. On 23rd, he had stated before the court, “He was smelling of alcohol”, referring to Salman. But the doctor ended up making a completely new and contrary statement at the hearing that was held on 31st January. At this hearing, Dr Shashikant Pawar said, “He was not under the influence of alcohol.”

Now the last hearing saw public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat making a plea for examining two more witnesses. D W Deshpande, who was the Sessions Judge then allowed the examination of two more witnesses. Gharat explained, “I have tendered a copy of the statement to the court and the opposite party . The court mentioned that it would like to complete the cross-examination of witnesses between February 12 and 18.” The trial shall be continued on next Thursday.