Salman Khan gets bails, says “Whatever’s in my destiny will happen”

Salman Khan finally got bail on Friday in the poaching case for which he had received a five year prison term . The Rajasthan High Court granted him bail and ordered him to post a security deposit of Rs.1 lakh and a bond of Rs.50, 000. Salman’s lawyers had filed a revision petition and a bail application in the High Court and the hearing for the revision petition has been fixed for October 24.
Salman’s bail plea has been postponed several times last week due to various circumstances, he spent around six days in jail. On Friday too Salman’s lawyers were being asked not attend court due to the lawyers strike in Jodhpur. However Salman’s lawyer did not belong to the Jodhpur bench and hence Sallu’s case was finally heard in the court of justice H R Panwar. Salman’s bail plea went on for around three hours and ultimately he was granted bail. Salman was immediately released from prison, he wore a white shirt and jeans and was met by his trusted bodyguard Shera outside prison, who then drove him to the hotel where his family was waiting him for him anxiously. Outside the prison too, Salman’s Jodhpur fans gathered to cheer for their star.

Salman’s family was no doubt relieved to see and meet him. Salman along with girlfriend Katrina who was spotted wearing a simple white salwar and his sisters Alvira and Arpita then headed for the Jodhpur airport. At Jodhpur airport, Sallu chartered a private flight to Mumbai and was in the city by around 10 pm. Outside the Mumbai airport too, it was chaos and confusion with media channels following him the entire route right till his home. However Salman managed to give media crews following him the slip by changing cars. He arrived in a separate car while Katrina and his sisters arrived in a separate car in order to lose the media personnel. Outside Salman’s home in Bandra, thousands of fans were waiting for his arrival, but he managed to give everyone the slip when he entered from another back entrance. Salman, along with Katrina and sisters had to jump a back wall and enter their building as there were huge crowds up front.

But after Salman met up with his family and changed clothes again, he did not disappoint his fans. Salman along with several family members appeared on their first floor balcony. The crowds went wild on seeing the actor and there was incessant cheering, clapping and jubilation. A relaxed looking Salman smiled for his fans, waved and blew kisses at them. He was seen thanking them profusely for their love and support. Arbaaz, his son Arhaan, wife Malaika, sisters Alvira and Arpita were also seen on the balcony along with Sallu. Salman waited for a few minutes and then later left to spend time with his family. Salman’s lawyer Deepesh Mehta, thanked all his fans for their support but also requested fans to respect his privacy and give him his space. A while later, many of Salman’s friends and well wishers began to drop in to congratulate the actor on his bail.

Salman even spoke to the media finally, Salman said “I do not blame anyone, the courts, media etc for my plight, whatever is in my destiny will happen. I have no option but to accept whatever happens. During rakshabandhan, I was a bit sad because I could not give my sisters anything, but promised them I would give them something later. I said right now I only have blessings for you’ll. I love my family very much and am very grateful to them for supporting me. In jail I spent time contemplating which has made me emotionally strong and I even made paintings.” About marriage Sallu said “When it has to happen it will happen.” Salman however cautioned all his fans and media personnel to be careful and not hurt themselves in their over enthusiasm to get a glimpse of him. He said he didn’t want media personnel to get hurt because of him. He said “Please don’t drive your motorbikes and cars fast as it may be risky.” Salman also expressed happiness over his good friend Sanjay Dutt’s bail, he said “I love him to death, I wish that he also comes out from this mess and hope that he is in good health after coming out of jail.”