Salman Khan extends help to ‘Veergati’ actress Pooja Dadwal

Salman Khan extended help to ‘Veergati’ actress Pooja Dadwal, who was admitted to Sewri, Mumbai for the past one month. The actress received help from the actor turned politician Ravi Kishan.

Pooja seeks financial help from Salman Khan. She posted a message on her Facebook account and asked financial help from the superstar. Before Salman, Ravi Kishan extended financial help to the actress. He sent her an envelope full of money and carton full of fruits.  

Salman learnt about her pathetic condition when he was touring in Pune for DaBangg tour. He immediately reacted and asked his team to arrange for funds and other materials for his co-star. She received two bags of clothes and other gifts from Salman and also assured Pooja Dadwal that she would be paying all her medical bills.

She is also getting financial help from the Cine and Television Artistes’ Association (CINTAA), they are sending her monthly cheques.

After Pooja was diagnosed with tuberculosis and other lung ailments six months ago, her father and husband abandoned her. “Some of my friends have pulled me out of my misery and are urging me to bounce back up. Everybody knows how expensive medical treatment is. I could not afford a private hospital and government hospitals are so over-crowded. Through some friends, I sent out a video message to several industry personalities requesting them for help to pay for my treatment. I don’t want the money for myself, I know once I’m able to work, I will be able to fend for myself,” she told Mumbai Mirror.

The picture of the former actress with a tube around her nose in the hospital has gone viral.