Salman Khan desperately wants Katrina

Salman Khan is going through troubled phase in his life. Two pending court cases are under his name, the infamous blackbuck killing case that took place in 1998 and the other is 2002 hit-and-run case. Moreover, he has also health issue, recently he returned from the US after the medical treatment. At this juncture, he wants someone close near him with whom he could share his grief and as we all know there is no one better than Katrina Kaif with whom the actor can feel relaxed. But unfortunately, the ever busy Katrina has at all no time for her ex-flame.

Salman wants Kat’s company but the actress is busy like never before. She has one after another films liked up for filming, she has also huge endorsement assignments and award shows and in this scenario, the diva failed to spend time with her mentor.

Katrina once said that she has the highest regard for Salman Khan and his family. But today, work commitments and success is keeping the actress busy like anything. Earlier, she used to spend time with Salman Khan’s family but now she became so engrossed in her work that she finds no time to spend with Sallu who is craving for her importance and time.

Katrina has in her kitty, ‘Bang Bang’, ‘Dhoom 3’. With back to back success, Kat is considered as one of the most successful and busiest actresses of Bollywood. She really forgot that Salman Khan was one of the reasons of her successful Bollywood career.

In 2006 when Salman was in Jodhpur jail, couple of times, she went to meet Salman in jail with his family.But today, the picture is altogether different. 

Hope, Katrina is hearing and she gets some free time to give solace to Sallu!