Salman Khan disappoints his fans

Salman Khan’s fans were eagerly waiting at the Bandra station on 25th August but his last minute changed of plan has disappointed his fans who desired to get a glimpse of the star. Salman Khan’s planned changed because his grandmother (Nani) was in serious condition and finally she died. Moreover, Sallu thought that it would be risk to board the train because there would be a bright chance of mishap as fans and media were gathered in large number.

Salman says, “The fans go crazy when they see their favourite stars and the media guys obviously are so engrossed in running after the star that they forget everything else. This is not like a person falling down from a cycle... this is a train journey and any mishap here would have been serious.”

Salman who always comes under media scanner says, “The situation would have been chaotic and it would have been very hard for anyone to control it. We got a call from the station master updating us about the situation at the Bandra station and the police officials were also a little skeptical about the train journey. So we thought it was best to cancel the plan.”

Salman added that he used to travel by train during college days and he has not cancelled his train journey but will board the train when no more people will know about it.