Salman Khan ignores estranged bhabhi Malaika at Kareena's bash

Malaika Arora filed for divorce with Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan last week and so soon Salman Khan got to cross paths with his estranged bhabhi. Malaika. Salman Khan crossed paths at Kareena Kapoor’s baby shower and they just avoided each other.  Salman looks visible angry on spotting Malaika.

Salman could not skip the baby shower because he was invited by his best friend Kareena. He avoided Malaika throughout the night and not even shared pleasantly with her.

Post divorce, this was the first time Salman and Malaika crossed paths. Knowing about Salman's hot temper, his aides made sure that he did not come face to face to Malaika so he kept the superstar rounded.

"He could be heard muttering beneath his breath, he was rather angry," said the source.

Throughout the party, the duo kept a safe distance from one another and did not exchange a single word. The party picture which is shared on social media shows Salman and Malaika standing far apart. 

Malaika and Arbaz filed for divorce at Bandra family court recently. After seperaton Malaika left the Khan residence with her teenager son Arhaan.

When the duo was going through rough phase, their respective families tried their level best to bring them together. They had several meeting for their reunion but Malaika was adamant not to change her decision.

Salman on his part also tried to convince her bhabhi to sort out differences with Arbaaz but she turned deaf ear to his wordings and last week filed for divorce.