Salman Khan comes face to face with Aishwarya at Baabul Premiere

The premiere of Ravi Chopra’s Baabul was a grand affair with the who’s who of bollywood putting in an appearance. The celebration was a grand one as B. R. Films completed its 50th year in films. All the stars of the film, Amitabh, Rani, Salman and John were present for the premiere. Unfortunately though Hema Malini could not be present for the event. Amitabh and Salman played the perfect hosts at the event, personally welcoming all their guests. Junior Bachchan, Abhishek too came to watch his dad’s film. Obviously his ladylove, Ash too was invited and attended the premiere with her mother Vrinda. After the cold attitude and the attempt at avoiding each other for years, Salman Khan and Ash were finally present at the same event at the same time.
A few years back Salman and Ash’s high profile romance came to an ugly end with a lot of negative remarks and accusations made by the latter. Since then the two have never publicly spoken to each other and have always kept their distance. However this time the two could not avoid being at the same event, as Salman was a part of the film and Ash wanted to lend her support to her beau’s father Amitabh. Salman and Abhishek were seen hugging and greeting each other amicably. The two were engaged in hearty conversation when Ash made her entry. A source claims “Ash looked through Salman and smiled at Abhishek who was standing right beside Salman. But immediately Salman and Ash began moving in opposite directions, Ash and her mother who accompanied her walked up the stairs while Salman walked down.” Though there was a lot of tension in the air for those few moments, the rest of the event went by without any dramatic events as the two of them deliberately kept their distance.

Salman even politely refused to join the Bachchans when Amitabh asked him to come and join them as he would have to sit along with Ash which he wanted to avoid. Ash and Abhi sat side by side and watched the entire film. Actress Rani Mukherjee too was present for the event. Salman however did smile at Ash’s mom which she reciprocated. Abhishek had time only for his ladylove Ash and spent most of his time with her. Salman in fact watched only the first half of the film standing near the entrance and soon after that made an exit as he had to catch a flight to attend the GIFA Awards in Kuala Lumpur. As soon as he left, co-star John who has been getting the cold treatment from Salman made his entry. John sat with the Bachchans and watched the rest of the film.