Salman Khan car’s tyre burst, claims actor's lawyer

Thursday saw Salman Khan’s lawyer Shrikant Shivde explain that the car suffered mechanical breakdown on the night of accident. Shiavde claimed that the actor was coming straight on the Hill Road. The car’s tyre then burst, because of which the car skid and crashed into the pedestrians.

The prosecution has a different view on this. They say that Salman was behind the wheel and the car was running at 90km/hr. It was turning from St Andrews Road towards Hill Road. It was then that the car crashed into the shutter of American Express Bakery. Shrikant Shivde cleared before Judge D W Deshpande that Salman’s car came from Manuel Gonsalves Road and then turned into Hill Road. Manuel Gonsalves Road is quite before St Andrews Road. He also said that the car was not running at a high speed, “From pictures it can be inferred that there was only cosmetic damage to the car. It is the prosecution’s case that the car was driving at 90 kmph and banged into a building, so the extent of damage becomes important.”

He then spoke about the photos of Salman’s car. He said the right side of windshield is damaged. To this, he gave the explanation, “This appears to be a case of stone throwing. It’s mob tendency to damage the car and it doesn't seem it’s because of the collision impact.” He said that the bonnet of the car was intact. He stated that “the damage would be much more” had the car been running at a high speed.

Shrikant Shivde argued that the prosecution has not presented even one witness to prove that Shivde’s statements are wrong. “The prosecution has not produced a single witness to show otherwise,” says Shivde. He also mentioned Salman’s driver Ashok Singh who recently appeared for the first time in the court claiming that he was the one driving the car. Shivade said, “However, Ashok Singh has stated that the car’s tyre burst and drifted to the left while they were coming straight on Hill Road.”

Shivade gave more evidence to show that the car had undergone mechanical issues before it rammed into pedestrians. He said that RTO officer Keskar had examined the car. He had said that one of the tyres has less air. Then Shivade pointed out that the prosecution had claimed that the tyre was deflated because of the accident’s impact. But any proof hasn’t been presented to back this statement.