Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan turn close buddies

The King Khans of bollywood, Salman and Shahrukh have buried their past differences and now seem to be developing a close friendship. No doubt the two actors are extreme opposites in personalities, Salman aggressive and blunt while SRK diplomatic and charming, but hey opposites attract. According to sources, the one event that has brought Salman and Shahrukh even closer is that both of them did not receive invitations to the grand Bachchan wedding.
Both SRK and Salman have been spotted together enjoying each other’s company quite a few times. However these two have not always been buddies, in fact some time back SRK and Salman were not even on talking terms. The issue was a certain Miss Rai who was acting in a film with SRK, but then boyfriend Salman was not too happy about his ladylove and SRK working together, so there was a huge showdown between SRK and Sallu. After that SRK and Salman stopped talking and SRK refused to work with Ash again. However later Salman patched up with SRK at their good friend Farah Khan’s wedding. And now the two actors seem to have grown closer with time. To make their friendship public, SRK even invited Salman and his girlfriend Katrina Kaif as guests for the KBC finale. The show was a big hit as Sallu and SRK’s camaraderie was clearly evident.

Recently Salman also attended the big World Cup bash that was held by SRK and wife Gauri at Mannat. Salman was seen enjoying himself to the hilt and bonded with SRK and all the guests at the party. Another bollywood biggie Hrithik Roshan too who was not invited for the Ash-Abhi wedding in spite of being Abhishek’s childhood friend also seems to be bonding with Salman and SRK. Well according to sources, Salman and Shahrukh are planning a mega project but right now everything is extremely hush hush. Well if it is a film starring both Salman and Shahrukh, it will definitely be a treat for their fans.