Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra bury the hatchet

Salman Khan is known to have made many enemies in bollywood, especially with those that have rubbed him the wrong way. Amongst a few are John, Shahid, Bipasha, Priyanka etc. However Sallu and Priyanka were friends earlier, but due to some misunderstandings, the two were miffed with each other. However now according to sources recently Sallu and Priyanka talked over things and sorted out their differences. So now they are back to being friends.
Recently Salman and Priyanka landed up at the same party. At first the two decided to ignore each other. Later however Salman approached Priyanka and told her that they should talk out their problems. Priyanka readily agreed and the two were seen having a long serious talk. During the conversation, sources also claim that Priyanka began crying. However after their heart to heart conversation, the two hugged and made up. A source says “No one knows what went wrong between the two. They have buried their differences and they have started talking to each other.”

Salman and Priyanka’s chemistry was first appreciated when they starred together in Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. From then on filmmakers were keen to cast them together, and they were paired together for a few films. But Sallu supposedly at that time was trying to promote his girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s career. Hence he got Priyanka replaced with Katz in a film ; this obviously did not go down well with Priyanka when she heard of it. This is what started off the bad vibes between the two of them. To get back at Sallu, a miffed Priyanka also rejected a role in Salman’s home production opposite his brother Sohail Khan. To make matters worse, Salman refused to do romantic scenes with Priyanka in their forthcoming film God Tussi Great Ho. Priyanka and he would also have heated arguments several times on the sets while shooting for God Tussi Great Ho. All this led to a lot of tension between the two.

But in bollywood there are no permanent friends or enemies, so here’s to Salman and Priyanka reviving their friendship.