Salman Khan all set to marry a Dubai girl, Oliya

Bollywood star Salman Khan has been giving one after another hit but now the actor has decided to divert his attention from work and think about settling down his life. Salman’s parents always wanted to see the eldest son of their family to settle down as soon as possible and now it seems that God has listened to their prayer. The latest grapevine is that Salman Khan has decided to walk down the aisle with a Dubai based girl, Oliya.

Salman met Oliya at an event in Delhi and since then both are strongly connected. He spends most of the time with her. Their bonding does not end here. Oliya is said to be bonding with Salman’s family as well. Salman and Oliya are very much together and deeply in love.       

However, Salman’s ladylove has been put up at Taj Lands End, Mumbai since 10 days and Sallu has been busy giving her company.

The report of Sallu getting married to a Dubai based girl is not new. Few months ago, the rumor blew up but it eventually died down. However, it now grew up in a strong way that Salman is very serious about the Dubai girl and he is thinking to settle down March next year.

However, regional movie producer Kamaal Rashid Khan tweeted that Salman Khan would be getting married in March in Dubai and that to with a Dubai girl.

Salman has a string of love affairs in the past. The latest with whom he is linked-up and part ways is Katrina Kaif. Both drifted apart and Kat moved with his new boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

Well, the most eligible bachelor is going to enter into wedlock with UAE based Oliya.