Salman Khan all praises about ‘Sholay’

The cult movie ‘Sholay’ needs no introduction. It is a movie that created history and changed the way Hindi movies were perceived forever. After long 39 years, the movie is returning to the silver screen once again and is creating the similar buzz as it did when it released in 1975. Watching ‘Sholay’ on the big screen is always a treat. Since this time around the film is releasing in 3D format the actions and the long shots will be having a fresh new element of surprise.

The media and the Bollywood celebrities are all excited about the re release and just cannot stop talking about it. Our very own Salman Khan is also the one stuck by the ‘Sholay’ frenzy. He requested all his fans to take the opportunity to catch ‘Sholay’ on big screen, as he twitted, "Sholay. The dada of all movie's. go n see it, amitji, dharamji, sanjeev kuma, hemaji, amjad khan, jayaji, asranij,jagdeepji r superb (sic)."

Salman also twitted that, "Its a cult film, experience it, its a journey. The way the film is written, directed n produced 30+yrs ago."

Incidentally, Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan along with Javed Akhtar wrote the story of ‘Sholay’. Ramesh Sippy directed the epic film. Salman was all praises for their efforts as well as his tweet read, "Seriously, never seen a better performed, directed, written, photographed, produced, acted, edited, background score, cameo roles r toh standing."

The writers Javed Akhtar and Salim Khan are excited about the release of the film in 3D format and are actively promoting it. However, director Ramesh Sippy is not much happy about the rerelease of his master piece. It remains to be seen about how the big movie does at the box office this time around.

However, it is unfair to expect anything big at the box office out of 39 year old movie. Though ‘Sholay’ is a cult movie and does have a huge fan following with great nostalgic value, the Hindi movie goers at present are accustomed to modern and different style of Hindi cinemas where the old may not appeal as much as when it was showcasing the latest trends in style, movie and fashion. That is in 1975. Financially the release of the movie in 3D format might not be a great business move but it is a tribute to the movie that changed Bollywood forever.