Salman Khan again lost his cool over Shahrukh Khan

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan’s rivalry is a never ending issue. On one hand, Shahrukh Khan has expressed his desire to work with his arch-rival Salman Khan and then on the other hand, Salman is miffed with Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz for referring Shahrukh Khan as ‘Bhai’. ‘Bhai’ is a term which is generally referred to Salman Khan but when Ajaz Khan referred SRK also as Bhai, he lost his cool.

Salman Khan always entertains the audience with his one-liner and witty remark. On the occasion of Diwali, Salman entered Bigg Boss house to spend some time with the housemates and all of them delighted to see Salu and all had a great time together. To entertain the host and the superstar, the housemates performed dance and new entrant Ajaz entertained all by his mimicry act. He mimicked Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Deol and Shahrukh Khan. While imitating Shahrukh, Ajaz called him 'bhai' (as usual he address everyone in the house).

Immediately, Salman reciprocated and instead of appreciating Ajaz’s act, he asked Ajaz why he referred King Khan as Bhai. Ajaz reasoned that since both of them are Khans, he felt it is the right term to address SRK as Bhai. The ‘Dabangg’ superstar said that not all Khans are brothers and burst into laughter. Ajaz at first stood confused with the superstar’s remark but then he felt relaxed.

 Prior Bigg Boss 7 launch, Salman Khan invited Shahrukh Khan on his show. He said that SRK is welcome to promote his movie on his show.

In the latest interview, Shahrukh Khan said that he has no any ego issue and he is all ready to work with Salman again. "The producers and directors should come up with a good script ....Inshallah if there is a chance we will work together. If it happens good, and if it doesn't, then also it is ok," Shah Rukh said, when asked if there is a possibility to see both the Khans together in a film.

"We don't have angst against each other. It is just that hamare raaste alag hai! (we follow different paths). We have no ego issues between us. We both respect each other and our families," he added.

Shahrukh and Salman’s iftaar hug last year made a national issue. It was speculated that they called off their rivalry and it was the beginning of  a new relationship but sadly, it just turned out to be a friendly gesture.