Salman Khan afraid of Arbaaz Khan

In the industry, Salman Khan might be well known for his short temper but when it comes to his brother Arbaaz Khan, he becomes bheegi billli. He dares to go against his decision. Being the producer of ‘Dabangg’ Arbaaz works on his own terms and big brother Salman Khan bows before his every decision. Personally, Salman might be very friendly with Arbaaz but professionally he is very scared of his small brother.

Adds a source, 'During the shoot of 'Dabangg' Salman would rehearse his action sequences a lot. Normally, Salman does not rehearse for long, but Arbaaz was tough on the sets. He made sure that Salman spent enough time on his stunt rehearsals thus pointing to the fact that he can make Salman listen for a change.'

Even Sallu admits that Arbaaz is very strict as a producer and is not ready to compromise his work with anything.