Salman is still obsessed with Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan may not claim it, but his actions speak out that he is still possessive about his ex-girlfriend, Katrina Kaif. In a recent show, on Zee TV’s ‘DID L’il Champs’, he showed that with evidence.

At part of the promotion, for their upcoming movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, Salman and Katrina had been invited by the show’s producers. The two mesmerized the audience with their warm, easy-going vibe throughout the show. The most amused of them was the Grandmaster of the show, Mithun Chakraborty, who was seen laughing all the time to watch Salman’s sporting attitude and his playful act with Katrina Kaif.

At one point of the show, host Jay Bahnushali, asked if Salman wanted to shake a leg with the kid’s mommies present there. Salman said , “Oh sure, I have absolutely no qualms about dancing with the mommies , as long as we don’t find out later that there are daddies in the audience eager to shake a leg with Katrina!” 

Katrina was seen blushing at the comment.

He once again went on to show his possessiveness. T he little talented participants of the television show, Raghav, Prince and Neerav, said that they had prepared a dance to impress the beautiful Katrina. Salman in a funny way looked at them and said. “I will deal with you guys later”.

Though in the recent past there has been a spat between the two on the sets of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Director Kabir Khan said, Salman was a bit freaky about his dress and had an argument with the director as well as Katrina. Kabir however tried to clear the air about the so called spat and said, “Katrina and Salman go back a long way. He was very involved in their scenes together and her costumes. They have a certain equation. Even Salman seeks her opinion. But yes, there was an incident where they disagreed over Katrina’s costume in the song. It was over a particular cut in the black blouse she has worn with a yellow skirt”.

Salman had shown similar tantrums during the shooting as well, as Kabir said,” I will be honest. It took time for Salman and me to come on the same page. There were teething issues on how we look at the scenes and his character. Salman reports on the sets on his own time. He does not start his day early. And he was clear about it before we went on floors. But once he is on the sets, he is all yours till you wrap up. So well, you just have to plan your day with him intelligently.”

The participants of ‘L’il champs’ were over-wowed by the charms of Salman and Katrina and wished them luck for ‘Ek tha Tiger’, which will releases around Eid.