Salman is not romantic at all, Katrina

Hey gals, the views that you all are holding from years about Salman that he is too hot and romantic has been put down by his longtime girlfriend Katrina Kaif. She feels Sallu is not at all romantic though he runs around pretty girls and tress. "No! He is not romantic at all. He keeps it all for the screen. I want to go on holidays, but he says it's boring to be alone together. He hates candle-light dinners. He wants his food to be ready on the table when he reaches a restaurant. I think he likes to be surrounded by people. He is so unromantic!" said Katrina.
Though girls die when Salman takes off his shirt and flaunt his six packs abs, Kat not at all floored by his act of wooing as in real life he is too unromantic.

So after listening Kat, you need to think twice before drawing anymore conclusion about Salman as his long term girlfriend Katrina Kaif has given out the verdict that her boyfriend is not at all romantic though he has created a picture of loving Prem in the mind of the people.