‘Salman is not God’, said Sapna post elimination

Celebrity hair stylist Sapna Bhavnani is the latest to get eliminated from the show. After the eviction when Sapna was asked whom she feels the right candidate to win Bigg Boss 6, Sapna named two voted out participants, cartoonist Aseem Trivedi or Gulabi Gang leader Sampat Pal. Sapna Bhavnani thinks Aseem and Gulabi are the two right persons to win Bigg Boss. During the stay at the Bigg Boss house, both Aseem and Gulabi were close to Sapna.

"I thought that Alag Che (it`s different) was the concept and would have wanted one of my role models to win the show. I would have wanted either Aseem or Sampat to win," she said.

Sapna, who was full of praises for the two, said, "Aseem is a youth icon and he will go a long way. Sampat is a strong lady and stands for her rights."

Sapna had indifference with the host and actor Salman Khan and he voiced her personal view about the actor. "Salman is not God, neither am I. We have differences, he is the no 1 star, which doesn`t mean that I have to act with him in a certain way," she said.

As the finale is drawing nearer, out of 19, only six participants Delnaaz Irani-Rajeev Paul, Sana Khan, Imam Siddique, Niketan Madhok and Urvashi Dholakia are left behind. The grand finale will be held on Januray 12th.

According to Sapna, Rajeev, Delnaaz and Sana did not deserve to win the show, while Imam, Niketan and Urvashi were already winner in her eyes.

"The coalition between Sana, Rajeev and Delnaaz has brought them till here. I don`t think there is anything interesting about them. I don`t see anything good in them," she said.

"I would like Imam, Urvashi or Niketan to win the show," she added.