Salman is 'copping' well!

With all those films on cops suddenly exploding on-screen one after the other – (after ‘Police Force’ and ‘Aan’ it will be ‘Dev’) -- the men in khakee are certainly in the news. But here’s a surprise package. We hear...
from those who’ve managed to get a sneak peek at ‘Garv’ that the most ‘hard-hitting’ cop of all may well turn out to be Salman Khan. Simply because the raw-action in the film is supposed to be awesome and gruesome! Apparently Sallu’s dishum-dishums are so real and brutal that the scenes will have action buffs simply panting over the Khan’s fist-antics.

And of course, there’s the leggy Shilpa Shetty to add some ‘action’ of a different kind -- what a ‘relief’ that’s gonna be!

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