Bigg Boss 7: Salman Khan irked with VJ Andy

It seems one of the contestants of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house has rubbed the host of the show the wrong way. Yes, we are talking about VJ Andy and Salman Khan. Andy is one of the contestants of the current season of ‘Bigg Boss’.

On the first day of the show, Salman was introducing the contestants. Andy was already inside the house. He had met Salman Khan before entering into the house. As Salman was introducing the next contestant, he fumbled a bit. Andy who was watching him on video imitated him. That time Salman took his act with a chill pill as he hoped that the production team would edit that portion before airing it. But he got miffed when on Sunday the clip was aired without edit.

A source says, “Salman was introducing one of the new participants on the show and Andy was already inside the house. He saw Salman’s act on the screen and imitated him. While initially the star took it sportingly, he was hoping the production team would edit it out.”

Now, it seems VJ will not receive a soft corner from the host of the show. Salman also described Andy’s mannerism matching with last year’s contestant Imam Siddique. Another source from channel says, “Looks like Salman will now wait to pick on Andy, just the way he did towards Imam Siddiqui for his odd behaviour on the show’s last season.”

On the other hand, when Iman was being compared to Andy, he didn’t like it and took a social media site to vent his anger. On twitter, Imam wrote, “Pardon the brevity, that’s like comparing Classy Crystal with a tacky cut-glass.” He called Andy a cut glass and called himself as classy crystal.       

Salman had once said that he knew how to treat such people who made fun of others. He then quoted fifth season’s contestant Akashdeep Saigal, who had walked out of the show. We just hope Andy does not meet such fate as he is quite entertaining and adds spice to the show.

‘Bigg Boss’ kick started on 15th. Since then the controversies have started unfolding at a snail’s pace. But one thing is for sure, through this reality show viewers get to see the ugly side of stardom which otherwise they would have never seen. A few altercations and cat fights have begun on ‘Bigg Boss’.