Salman ignores Vivek, his wife and mother

Numerous times, Vivek Oberoi extended olive branch to Vivek Salman Khan but Salman Khan never accepted his friendship invitation and insulted him every time. At the recently held Screen Awards, Salman Khan ignored Vivek Oberoi, his wife Priyanka Alva sitting next to him and his mother Yoshodhara.

When Salman entered, he greeted some with shake hands and hugged some sitting left and right to Vivek but snubbed the actor who was at the center. Vivek and his family were looking at Salman with smiling face with a thought that the actor would also share pleasantries with them but he passed them without looking at their face.

It seems, Salman still holds grudges with Vivek Oberoi relating to Aishwarya’s issue.

Well, past is past and Salman should forget everything and bonds with Vivek.

The awards will be shown on January 22 on Star Plus.