Salman Khan got bail because he is a Muslim, Sadhvi Prachi

Salman Khan’s release on bail granted by High Court has again invited criticism from different corners. He has become a debatable matter and VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi added fuel to the contentious matter by saying Salman Khan got bail as he is a Muslim.

She said justice would have been done to the poor victims and said that Salman drove his car over sleeping dwellers under the influence of alcohol and he is the real victim. She added that it was proved that the actor has done the wrong but still he was released on bail because of his Muslim status.

The VHP leader also slammed Salman's supporter and singer Abhijit who called poor victim sleeping on the pavement on that unfortunate night outside the bakery as 'dogs'. Prachi said that strict action should be taken against people with such mind set.

“Had Salman Khan not been a Muslim, justice would have been granted to poor victims,” said Sadhvi Prachi, who in the past was restrained by BJP to make controversial statements.