Salman gives up drinking

We often say, first impression is the last impression and this stands true for a film also. The first look of a film helps us to set an impression about the stars and the film. It arises on one the interest to watch it once it hits the theatre. On looking at all those plus points of a promo, Salman Khan has decided to amend the promo of Veer as he is not totally satisfied with his look. To him, it is not up to the mark and has not received good remarks from the audience.

Another reason of the fallout of Veer is that it collided with Aamir's Ghajini which released on the same week. The dynamic look of Ghajini took away all the compliment and leaving behind Salman in empty hand. Though tipsy, Salman instead of crying in vain decided to go for a new promo. This time he did not want to take any chance and therefore decided to shed some extra flab by giving up drinking. 

A source quoted as saying, "He has realized that the first look is very important for his film. He doesn't want to bulk up anymore, instead wants to get more toned."