Salman finds Anushka’s beau Virat Kohli ‘too metrosexual’

Very often the heartthrob of Bollywood Salman Khan compared with the hot Indian cricketer Virat Kohli but Salman finds the comparison not so valid as he finds Anushka Sharma’s boyfriend Virat Kohli “too metrosexual’, which he is not actually so.

Salman and Virat always been compared for their style and swinging moods. It is very difficult to judge the superstar’s mood. In a moment, he lost his cool and again in the next moment, he seems to be in jovial mood. His changing mood has always been in news and so is Virat Kohli. Virat too is known for his swinging mood on and off the field.

When asked about his comparison to the vice captain of the Indian cricket team, the ‘Kick’ actor replied,” I don’t think I am like Virat Kohli. He is too metrosexual. I am not.”

Salman Khan is touted as the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood, his marriage has always been a news of national interest but the actor seems not too keen to get married, instead he wishes to have children without getting married.

He said,” “I always get so close to a wedding. God has been very kind. You can ask most married men and they will tell you what I mean….But one day my luck will run out. I hope it runs out soon. But more than marriage, having children is on my list. If I can figure out how to have those without marriage…”