Salman finally declares his friendship with Shahrukh

Finally the arch rivals seem to be mellowing down and are extending a friendly hand towards the other. Yes, you guessed that right, We are talking about ‘Khan rivals’, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.

In the weekend episode of ‘Bigg Boss’, Salman was accompanied by Kareena Kapoor Khan and Imran Khan. They had come on the show to promote their upcoming movie ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’. Salman was seen in one of his best moods. He was joking around with contestants. His one liners were quite witty.

Imran and Kareena were also engaged in a conversation with Salman. In their upcoming movie, Imran is playing the character of a south Indian boy whereas Kareena is a north Indian social activist. Then in a conversation between Imran and Salman, the former asked if Salman Khan had ever played a south Indian boy in any movie. To this Salman quipped that his good friend Shahrukh Khan just played a south Indian boy in ‘Ra.One’. Salman tagged Shahrukh as his ‘friend’. This declaration from Salman received a huge round of applause and cheer from the audience and even Kareena and Imran.

SRK has not yet made any counterstatement on this declaration. Hope they become friends and Bollywood get to see them sharing screen space, the way they did in past.

Well, all is actually not unwell between SRK and Salman. On the occasion of Diwali, Salman had thrown a grand bash. Gauri Khan, wife of SRK was one of the guests present at the bash. She came to the party alone. She hugged Salman and had a good time with her other friends. However, Shahrukh was not present at the party.

Not only that, this year, at the Iftaar party of Baba Siddiqui, SRK and Salman hugged each other and even exchanged Eid wishes. This incident caught a lot of media reactions and Bollywood went gaga over this.

On the possibility of working with Salman, SRK told, “The producers and directors should come up with a good script ....Inshallah if there is a chance we will work together. If it happens good, and if it doesn't, then also it is ok.”

He further added, “We don't have angst against each other. It is just that hamare raaste alag hai! (we follow different paths). We have no ego issues between us. We both respect each other and our families.”