Salman feels Akshaye is boring

Salman Khan’s ‘Dus Ka Dum’ is all about entertainment and Sallu wanted guests who are full of fun and filled up the show with masti and jokes. In this regards, he rates Akshaye Khanna a big zero as he feels that Akshaye is not at all entertaining. At first, Akshaye Khanna was approached to play the percentage game with Sallu miya and later he was replaced by his alleged rival, Arshad Warsi. Finally it was decided that to promote Shortkut will have actor turned producer Anil Kapoor and Arshad Warsi on the game show.

A source said, “The distributor had spoken to the channel to have Anil Kapoor and Akshaye Khanna on the show. Everything went as per plan until Salman came up with the suggestion that Arshad Warsi and not Akshaye Khanna should be on the show with Salman Khan. Going by the promos of the film and Akshaye’s serious image, Salman thought that Akshaye cannot add enough spice to the show. Since Anil and Salman are good friends, Anil was okay with Salman’s suggestions. The dates of Anil and Arshad are now being worked out for the show.”

Being in an entertainment industry, if you are considered boring then it’s really a matter of shame, let’s see how Akshaye takes this insult.