Salman doesn’t like Katrina in sexy attire

Salman Khan might be very funny and lively person but when it comes to girlfriend Katrina Kaif, he is damn serious. He is a possessive boyfriend and avoids Katrina Kaif’s film for a simple reason because she wears sexy and small skirts in films.

Salman said that he once watched Katrina’s film and she was wearing a short skirt which he did not like and from then he has stopped watching her films. He even knows that he cannot every time interfere on her matter as it is her choice and the film demand. He said that he can make out from the film promo which one of her film to watch and which not. If he feels that it is liable to watch, he goes for it otherwise let it go.

Salman even revealed that Katrina Kaif used to ask him to check her dialogue during dubbing but now he has stopped doing so because he doesn’t want to be typecast as a violent boyfriend who every time interferes into girlfriend’s work. He added that earlier he used to guide Katrina regarding film selection but he has stopped now as she is grown up and can make her own decision.