Salman comes back to Asin

Unable to stay away from the cast and the crew of ‘London Dreams’, Salman Khan returns to his co-stars Asin and Ajay Devgan. During their stay in London, Salman insisted to stay at his favorite hotel in Central London, despite the fact that the film cast and the crew will be put up into another hotel in the city.

After few days of his stay in the hotel, he started feeling lonely and on hearing that Ajay and Asin are having a ball in the hotel, he started feeling left out and immediately packed up his baggage and returned to his pals. After staying few weeks in his fav hotel, he requested director Vipul Shah to make arrangement of his stay in the same hotel so that he can also join his friends in the fun.

Salman who days back has given his fans an opportunity to talk about his alleged relationship with Asin again left the people to talk something interesting about him and the ‘Ghajini’ gal.