Salman claims he and Kat are still couple

Few days back, Salman Khan has said in an interview that he has broken up with Katrina Kaif but now he has again changed his verdict. Salman Khan now claims that he and Katrina Kaif are still couple. He said this while promoting his upcoming flick, ‘Dabangg’. Salman clarified, “Katrina and me are still together.”

In the past not only Salman but Katrina also declared that she is single. It was also reported that Kat in an interview broke down when she was asked about her break-up with Salman. Kat commented, "I am single. But beyond that I don`t think I need to give too much of details”.

When Sallu was cross questioned as why Kat also said that she is single. He quipped, “I told Katrina to say that she is single.”

The actress feels that commitments changes with situation.

Katrina is rumored having a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan is said to be dating Kat’s look alike Zarine Khan.