Salman cheating Katrina

Though Salman Khan's relationship with Katrina Kaif is going stable for five years now, the bad boy of Bollywood still do not miss an opportunity to mingle with others, especially mingling with any new entrant. The newcomers too immediately fall for him as he is Bollywood topnotch actor and always ready to lend his helping hand. His leniency towards others look like that he is not serious about kat and taking her only for granted. It won't be wrong to say that in the process of blending with others, he is cheating Katrina.

Though in the past many ladies were seen in Salman's arm, the latest being Zarine Khan, Salman's newly discovered Katrina's look-alike. Holding hand in hand, they were spotted in many parties and Salman was seen at his high mood introducing his new lady of Veer to all.

Salman's generosity does not end here, he was also seen in close connection with Miss Universe UK 2008 Lisa Lazarus. She is working with Zarine in the same project. Sources informed that when Lisa was struggling to get a particular dance step right and when she fall flat with her face down, Sallu miya was the first to ran to her and put forward his hand. To get the step right, he holded her hips and made her move accordingly.

Salman is ignorant about the fact that in the process of helping others, he is hurting Katrina and creating a distance.