Salman chats about Baabul and the fate of his last film Jaanemann

Salman Khan’s recent film Baabul has just released and is receiving some mixed reviews. Nonetheless the film seems to be steadily rising at the box-office. Salman truly believes in the story of Baabul and is glad that a sensitive topic like widow-remarriage is being tackled. Salman has various questions to put forth on the subject of widow-remarriage and he says “Why do people force a man to remarry when his wife expires? And why do we have a different set of rules when a woman loses her husband? Why do we want her to take on life single-handedly? Why can’t she have the right to remarry and lead a happy life all over again? That’s what Baabul asks and that’s what attracted me to the film.”
Recently Salman Khan attended the red carpet premiere of Baabul in Kuala Lumpur and was also seen walking the ramp and playing a friendly football match as part of the events held in Kuala Lumpur. Salman also performed in the final Awards ceremony. Though his recent film Baabul seems to be doing fine, his last film Jaanemann did not do as well. On the fate of Jaanemann, Salman says “I think the film failed on an emotional level and we could not get the message across to the viewers. The film was technically brilliant but I guess there was too much of technique and too little of emotions.” Although Salman has expressed his opinions many times on his films to his producers and directors, he feels that most of the time he is not taken seriously as he is often considered an idiot. Nonetheless Salman’s performance in Jaanemann was appreciated and he gives full credit for this to his director Shirish.

Salman Khan feels that he promoted his film Jaanemann as much as he could. During the release of Jaanemann, SRK’s film Don too was releasing and Salman was also seen at the premiere of Don along with his family. Salman says “I was keen to watch Don since my father had penned the original. Don was a remake of a huge hit and there was a lot of hype around the film. People wanted to know how the sequel would work out. I think it was okay.” On a personal note Salman jokingly claims that he may get married in the next 15-20-25 years. And he says “I’d never like to change anything, I am very proud of my life.” Salman will next be seen in Nikhil Advani’s film Salaam-E-Ishq along with Priyanka Chopra and several other co-stars.