Salman changes the rules for Bigg Boss Season 6

Salman Khan and Bigg Boss have decided to do away with controversial people and to include the commo0n man in their show.

A source close to the show said, “‘Bigg Boss’ has so far catered to the voyeuristic needs of Indian audiences. But there is bad news for those in the film and television industry who thrive on controversies. Not so long ago, these people were prime contenders for the show. But now, only those participants who have a family friendly image will be chosen.”

The change in the format has been proposed to make it friendlier for general viewings. So the season six of the show will allow ordinary masses to share the screen with Salman. Moreover it’s thought to be an image makeover for Salman, whom is often marked as the controversy king. His court cases in black buck poaching and hit-and-run cases are still pending. So after the huge success of his recent movies, like ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, it is being felt that his personality should be more enduring to the masses.

Though it is being said that it is not Salman alone who has decided on this move. A well placed source has said, “It was a joint decision between Salman and the broadcasters to clean up ‘Bigg Boss 6.’ Salman has become a very big star today and has a huge fan following, especially among kids. It works for him and the broadcasters to get more eyeballs.”

Controversial figures, like porn-star Sunny Leone have entered the house in Season 5. During that time some had even called for banning the show. Time and often these celebrity inmates have been abusive and insensitive towards others. In season 5 Amar Upadhyay had tried to get too cozy with Sunny Leone, by lifting her up during a rain dance and pulling her by the hand close to himself. There have been abuses hurled between Mahek Chahal and Akashdeep Saigal.

Though they were reprimanded, some felt that it was pre-scripted by the makers of the show. In season 5 it was also seen as a trend when the least controversial person was evicted after being nominated for that week.

Hope all this is going to change with the entry of the common man on the show. Or is it going to create more controversies of its own kind is to be seen.