Salman celebrates Katrina’s success

Salman Khan might miss out Katrina’s new release ‘New York’ but he usually does not let his ladylove’s achievement go without celebration. If not in a grand way, in a very cozy manner, he celebrated Katrina’s success. He took his love to a Mumbai cafe on Sunday evening.  The duo were spotted very happy and very much in love at the newly opened café ahead of Lilavati Hospital, Bandra.

An eyewitness says, “Salman and Katrina arrived together at around 6pm. Both were looking extremely happy and it appeared as if they had arrived to celebrate the success of Katrina’s new release New York. She was smiling nonstop while talking to him. The people around them were left completely star struck and no one dared to disturb the lovers.”

The source further added, “When any one around would stare for long at Katrina, Salman would stare back at him/her. Generally the two used to be often seen at the coffee shops near Salman’s Bandra Bandstand house such as Café Coffee Day or Barista but may be they came here because being a Sunday those places would have b

Despite passing through many rough roads, their relationship is standing strong.