Salman Bhai will go to the US for treatment, Sohail Khan

2012 has been very important and busy year for Salman Khan and 2013 is going to be even busiest as he has many films lined up for making and as we all know Salman Khan suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a kind of nerve disorder which caused intense pain on face and he was treated in the US in 2011, Salman is again heading to the US for further treatment.

He underwent five hour-long surgery in 2011. That Salman is again going to the US for treatment has been confirmed by younger brother Sohail. He confirmed the news saying, "Though he is doing fine, he will go to the US for treatment.

It is not decided yet when he will go. But whenever he has time, he will fly to the US for treatment. We are sure all will be good."

Salman Khan’s hand is packed for 2013. He is doing ‘Sher Khan’, ‘I Am Hariprasad’ ‘o Entry Main Entry’, ‘Partner 2’ and ‘Kick’.

Hope, Salman get well very soon and get back to the work and entertain us with his act.