Salman-Asin's closeness disturbs Katrina

Salman and Katrina are couple for more than five years now. But till Kat feels insecure about Sallu whenever he is around any new lady. Salman's name is associated with an array of newcomers and his helping nature many times landed him in trouble. Whenever he moves closely with any new lady, Kat raises her eyebrows and doubts him. Again her insecurity heightens up when he gelled well with his London Dreams co-star Asin. Ever since Asin starred in Ghajini, Salman develop a fondness for her. Apart from shooting, he spends time with her chatting and discussing many other things.

Salman even celebrated his birthday with Asin when Katrina was away. In London Dreams, Asin is playing exactly the same what Kat has played in Yuvvraaj. Instead of cello, Asin plays guitar. Kat’s insecurity has taken her to Chandigarh where Sallu is shooting with Asin. Kat doubted Salman when she saw him mingling freely and strongly with Asin.

London Dreams speaks about two childhood friends Salman and Ajay playing rock musician.