Salman approached to do film on his real-life black buck case

The infamous ‘Rockstars’ concert witnessed many controversies, one of them involving an argument between Salman and Shahid Kapur . According to sources Salman was not very happy with the young actor’s constant meddling in his performances. However recently there were talks of another ‘Rockstars’ concert with the same cast. Unfortunately though it seems that Sallu is not willing to forgive Shahid as he has refused to do a cameo appearance in Boney Kapoor’s film Milenge Milenge. The film stars Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor and earlier on Salman had supposedly agreed to do a cameo in the film.
Milenge Milenge has been stuck in the cans for a long time now due to producer Boney Kapoor’s financial woes. Salman had earlier agreed to do an extended special appearance in the film due to the good rapport that he shared with producer Boney during the making of ‘No Entry’ and as he also shares a good rapport with director Satish Kaushik who had directed him during ‘Tere Naam’. Well now unfortunately Sallu has refused to do the cameo and producer Boney confirms news about Salman’s refusal to do the film. However producer Boney claims that “he is unaware of the reasons for Salman refusing to do the cameo.”

According to sources apart from Shahid meddling in his performances during the concert, Salman was also miffed that while the entire team was spending time together on their rehearsals, Shahid and Kareena were always constantly together and ignored the rest of the actors present. Being a senior artiste, Salman felt it was quite disrespectful of them to ignore him like that. Unfortunately now producer Boney will have to look for a suitable replacement and the film will in all probability be further delayed. Hopefully this film will see the light of day soon.

Salman has also been approached to play his real life character in the black buck case on-screen. Producer Ranjeet Sharma wants to make a film titled ‘Quaidi No 210’ based on the real life incident of Salman hunting the black buck and being imprisoned for a few days in Jodhpur. Even Salman’s driver during the hunting of the black buck who is a prime witness in the case has been approached to play his real life character, that of a driver in the film. Harish Dulani was recently approached to play the role of the driver on-screen too. Producer Sharma confirms saying “We were keen to make a film on the chinkara episode in Salman’s life. We started tracking the story religiously and approached Dulani, the driver with the script. Initially he was skeptical about doing the film, but the lucrative prospect of acting made him sign the movie.”

Sharma has also made an attempt to offer Salman the main role as it is after all based on his own character; however Salman still has to get back to him. Sharma claims “A month back I had spoken to Salimsaab and asked him to convince Bhai (Salman) for the role. He told us that Bhai was out of town and that he would inform Salman about it.” Producer Sharma also wants to focus on the Bishnoi committee that was responsible for filing a case against the actor and are prime witnesses in the case. The film will be a typical bollywood commercial film with song and dance and the music will be composed by Sanjeev Darshan. The film will be directed by Amjad Khan and supposedly the title of the film is based on the famous batch number that Salman was given during his two day imprisonment in Central Jail.

The film has an approximate budget of Rs 10 crores and the producer hopes to begin shooting for the film by next month. However what remains to be seen is whether Salman will give his consent to act in the film, considering he has already lived through this ghastly experience once in real-life? After the final confirmation of the actor, only then will it be decided whether Salman may be projected in a negative or positive light in the film.