Salman Khan and Sunny Deol all set to clash this Eid

Eid is a lucky day for Salman Khan. He prefers all his movies to get released on the auspicious occasion of Eid. With a number of his movies getting hit on releasing on Eid has farther strengthen his belief. The holiday season during the occasion of Eid also increases the number of footfalls in the movie halls hence it is a good time to release a movie and apart from Salman many other in the Bollywood industry prefers to have a film release date on Eid.

It is rumored that Salman Khan’s next big film is all set to release during Eid this year. However, it is going to face stiff competition as Sunny Deol’s next flick directed by Anil Sharma is also set to release on Eid. It seems 8th August this year will see a tough competition at the box office. The movie goers will be spoilt for choices and ultimately it will be the good movie that will prevail.

A close source from the shooting set of Sunny Deol reported “Sunny is happy with the way the film has been shaping up. The drama and the action have brought so much confidence into the characters and Sunny feels Eid would be just the right date for the release.”

Sunny explaining the reason for choosing Eid as the release day for the movie said, “The film is based on a common man’s life and Eid is one of those holidays when the aam aadmi is in a much happier space. Since the significance of this festival is also interpreted as a good time to bring people together in harmony and gratitude, we are aiming for an Eid release.”

That is true. But has Sunny considered the stiff competition that his movie is going to face as the other movie is also slated to release on the same date? A confident Sunny said, “The cinema business has changed. Since there are so many cinema halls, two big films can release at the same time. I am sure no one wants to take over anyone’s business.”

We agree with the views of Sunny and surely the Indian movie market is big enough to accommodate more than 2 big releases at the same time. Come August 8th and the movie goers will decide the fate of the movies, let us hope that the best film wins.