Salman and Katrina behave like strangers!

They are together for five years but still the question arise whether they are really a couple. We say they are couple, they say everything is fine between them, then why the romance between them is missing. Whenever the two spotted together they hardly chat or look into each other’s eyes. They behave like strangers. Like their on-screen chemistry, Salman and Katrina’s off-screen chemistry is also dull. They always maintains a distance and it seems their relationship is just a show-off.

At a recently held celebration party by Percept Picture Company the duo shocked onlookers with their indifferences. Confirming the news an eyewitness said, “Salman came first and the moment he entered the party he was surrounded by Priyadarshan, Prakash Raj, Shailendra Singh, Joint MD of Percept and Aditya Pancholi. Katrina came in a little later with Rocky S and was seen hanging around with Aditi Gowitrikar. Soon, both of them were seen heading in different directions. Although both were at the party for over an hour, they hardly interacted with one other. During the course of the party, they were seen together as a part of a group and they even came face-to-face but they hardly spoke. They even left the party separately. They did not appear like a couple at all.”

Another incident surprised all. “Just a couple of days back, Katrina played the perfect host at Salman’s Id party, but Salman did not even acknowledge Katrina’s presence at this party”, adds a source.

They never expressed their love for one another publicly. Many a times, the question of love was thrown to them but they always turns down saying that they do not discuss personal life in public.