Sallu, SRK to join hands for Akki

Akshay Kumar supports Special Olympics Bharat and he has approached Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan to come forward and wholeheartedly support the project. Akki is approaching all the Bollywood bigwigs to join hands and support child disability.

Confirming the news, a source said, "Akshay has been very close to Salman for a long time now and very recently he buried differences with Shah Rukh. Akki has walked for Salman for his Being Human initiative and it is unlikely that Salman won`t help his friend. Akki and SRK has been bonding big time recently and their wives are also very thick. SRK has also silently supported many causes and he is expected to give his nod to this too."

"With them giving a confirmation to Akki, it would mean that for the first time after their quarrel and fall-out they would be involved in a project together. That itself is a big achievement for Akshay as it looks unlikely that SRK and Salman would ever share silver screen space again," added the source.

When contacted, Akshay Kumar confirmed the reports and said, "It is too early to give out who all have confirmed for the cause. I will be approaching everyone to join me. I`m hoping they won`t say no to participate in a cause that is helping some really needy people so that they can shape their own future by excelling with the skills that they have."

If Akshay could bring together SRK and Salman then it would be a big achievement.