Sallu, Hrithik, SRK bond over chaddis

Film stars are usually known to be brand and status conscious. But gone are the days when A-listers endorse only brands which are eye-catching, trendy and aristocrat. When a whopping amount is offered to them, they are ready to give their name to the brand no matter how funny those brands might sound. Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan are ready to sell innerwear or chaddis as advertisers were ready to pay them a promising amount. Shahrukh Khan ready to endorse Lux Cozy innerwear and Salman Miya ready to give his name to Dixcy scott innerwear.

A trade source says, “When Sunny Deol and Govinda were selling these very brands, the snooty industry types used to secretly laugh at what they termed their desperation. Now, because these four stars have been paid anything between Rs 10-15 crores for selling chaddis and banians they are happy to lend their brand equity to underwear. And they’re even proud of their ‘masochism”.

Let’s see who among those four would be the best seller of innerwear.