Salman Khan always worried about his wife and children!

Salim Khan is a relieved man today. He and his family suffered for 13 years and finally it came out in the superstar’s favour. The Bombay High Court on Thursday acquitted Salman of all charges in 2002 hit-and-run case.

Relieved father Salim Khan gets candid about his son’s acquittal and how his family suffered for over the years. He also opens up about Sallu’s wedding which he has been a long wait for his die-hard fans and family.

In May, Session court convicted Salman in hit-and-run case and pronounced him five years jail but Bombay High Court acquitted him, "We've always believed in the judiciary, it's a good judgement and we are very happy,” says Salim.

The veteran scriptwriter is however reacted that on TV debates many are talking about "shoddy investigations". "It was the same allegation, the same papers were submitted in court again and the same charge-sheet was filed. No one called the investigations shoddy when the Session Court sentenced Salman to five years in jail?" he argues.

Salim wonders why questions like "Who killed the man then? Who was driving the car?" are cropping up now. He points out that the driver, Ashok Singh, had gone to the cops "but unhone usse bhaga diya because they wanted to pin the blame on Salman, saying he was behind the wheel and drunk".

Salim Khan talks about Salman’s conviction and acquittal, "Salman went to jail for 18 days and my biggest fear was what if kal ko usse sazaa ho jaye? In the last years of my life I wouldn't want to see my son in prison. As a father I wouldn't be able to eat without wondering what he's getting. Yeh kya sazaa nahin thi? It was no picnic for us?" he grouses.

Salim admits that one of the reasons Salman did not get married and have children was because of the court verdict, "Jab bhi mauka aata tha, the thought of what would happen to his wife and children tormented him," he says. Now, will one of the country's most eligible bachelors finally tie the knot? "Shaadi vyah is written in your destiny. No one can make anyone commit to it. If it's in his destiny, it will happen," Salim shrugs.

Ay special plan for Salman's 50th birthday? "No plans," he says shortly. "It'll be a normal birthday. Whoever drops by unhein hum khilayenge and wish for their blessings. I've seen Salman grow and become more mature over the years. I wish him good health, good movies and happiness. I want my son to be happy."